Words and Pictures


My challenge in being a photographer is sometimes sharing too much in words about an image. I realize more and more to just share a minimal as possible and allow the viewer the space to imagine.

National Geographic

I am honored to have my photo "Cat's Eyes of Color" selected to be published in the National Geographic Assignment Story: "Pop of Color". So cool to be selected among the 30 contributors who amazingly beautiful photos are featured. Our photos were selected from over 16,000 photos submitted into the assignment. How wonderful is that? You can find the total story at Pop of Color

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Curbside Reflection

The heavy rains have stopped after a fierce thunderstorm, and everyone is moving quickly to their destinations. Dark clouds above and the city streets are wet and shining.  I walked along the curbside of 34th street and I looked down to avoid the puddles. However, a puddle reflecting the Empire State Building grabbed my attention. Never has a puddle look so inviting to take a photo of it.  In New York City, you will never know where you will find that next great shot.  I am excited to share this addition from my #etsy shop: Curbside Reflection #art #photography #brown #blue #curb #empirestatebuilding #water #puddle #reflection #manhattan #nyc #curb #newyorkcity  http://etsy.me/2no9Ihp

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African Girl Look Its the Future

"African Girl Look Its Your Future" Photographed by Ron Foster in Cape Coast, Ghana

"African Girl Look Its Your Future" Photographed by Ron Foster in Cape Coast, Ghana

African Girl Look Its Your Future

While Photographing the governor's room at the slave castle located in Cape Coast, Ghana, a young girl excitedly runs to the window.  Her small frame body standing in front of the large old rustic window grabbed my attention. The light rays so bright shining in from the outdoors was such a brilliant sight.  It casted upon her in such a special way. The moment had to be captured. I thought to myself, she looks like she is starring into her future. I then snapped the photograph. Of all the photos I have taken, this one still holds a special place with me.


I want to dedicate this photograph to the many young girls and women around the world who aspire to do great things in service and in deed for humanity sake. The white space outside this  window is like a blank canvas for you to create the dreams you desire.


The future is yours. Be bold and be strong. Never stop dreaming or pursuing the dream within your heart.


I am excited to share this addition to my #etsy shop: "African Girl Look Its the Future" #art #photography #white #red #african #girl #moments #innocence #thepure  http://etsy.me/2E9x0zo