For centuries the square has been the gathering place for the people from the community. All over the world the square is where you can find the locals discussing current events and stories of the day. Markets are located in the square selling food, goods, and necessities. Demonstrations, protest, and rallies can also occur at the square as people express their freedom to share their opinion about public policy and politics. The community homeless often reside there. Artist and performers share their talents in the square an there is usually a little bit of something for everyone there.

I am drawn to the square by the faces of each individual. Every face reveals a part of a personal story. Some of the stories are evident upon the faces of the people, however, other stories are camouflaged. Here is my collection of black and white photos from local squares from around the world. These images are a simple compilation and a reflection of who we are as a local and global society. Join me as I share with you “Faces of the Squares”.